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  • Yajna Nagchampa India wierook 20 lange stokjes Yajna Nagchampa India wierook 20 lange stokjes

Ganesh Nagchampa 12 kegeltjes


Sattwa Nagchampa 20 lange stokjes

Yajna Nagchampa 20 lange stokjes

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Yajna Nagchampa – Offering (spreek uit: Jakjnja)
Yajna Nagchampa is een uitgebalanceerd mengsel van kalmerende en aardse lavendel met zachte en rijke houtachtige noten van Nagarmotha olie uit India. Dit wordt mooi ondersteund door kruidige en muntachtige ondertonen van Patchouli en bosachtig Eikenmos, verankerd met een basis van warme oriëntaalse houtsoorten.

Mike Mclatchey (wierookrecensent) van Olfactory Rescue schrijft:

"Continuing a number of incenses with a strong lavender element is the spicy Yajna Nagchampa. However, if some of the Mother’s scents tilt more to a floral side, this is a decidedly spicy incense with woody notes, nagarmotha oil, patchouli and oakmoss all combining to imply a spice that also reminds me of cinnamon toast. This is also a very woody incense, however the type of wood scent it reminds me most of is akin (but far superior to) Satya’s Patchouli Forest scent, with that sense of crystalline, green resin that that incense evokes. Not only is the Yajna spicy, but it’s also devilishly complex in that there seems to be a lot of elements that make up this level of the incense. The oak moss is particularly noticeable here, almost more than a subnote at times, and with the patchouli it grounds the scent as something far more earthy the fire-like. In the end as you notice all this spicy, grounded activity it makes the presence of the lavender on top such a surprise and delight."

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- 20 lange stokjes (brandduur 1 tot 2 uur).

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