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  • Purusha Nagchampa India wierook 20 lange stokjes Purusha Nagchampa India wierook 20 lange stokjes

Sattwa Nagchampa 20 lange stokjes


Lila Nagchampa 20 lange stokjes

Purusha Nagchampa 20 lange stokjes

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Purusha Nagchampa – het Beschouwende Bewustzijn (spreek uit: Poeroesja)
Purusha Nagchampa is een geur die de ontspannende therapeutische werking van Engelse lavendel in zich draagt. Ondersteund door een basis van Citrus noten, groene Patchouli noten en zachtheid van Orris wortel en melkachtige Benzoin. In de basis bevindt zich ook een Salie noot die tezamen met de Lavendel het een verfrissend aroma geeft.

Mike Mclatchey (wierookrecensent) van Olfactory Rescue schrijft:

"Purusha Nagchampa is another of the dominantly lavender incenses in the line, which follows the absolute success of the Ganesh Nagchampa. Mother’s uses a number of different lavenders, however, and in this case we’re seeing an English lavender at the front, a note that is probably the most dominant lavender scent in any of these incenses. But while sitting on the top, the ingredients from the base up do a lot to modify the scent. For one thing this is one of the few, if not the only incense that has a sage note, an ingredient that seems to be far more common in American incenses (specifically southeast or Native American blends). Here it’s used to modify the lavender, and the results seem to bring out some of the wilder, herbier elements the two ingredients have in common. I’m not as familiar with orris, but I suspect this has a great deal to do with the more unfamiliar middle subscents that help to give this incense its individual personality. Closer to the base, the patchouli blends with the balsamic nature of the halmaddi to help make sure the top notes don’t go overboard. In the end this is definitely on the sweeter side of the Mother’s range, but it’s got just that touch of wildness to rein it all in."

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- 20 lange stokjes (brandduur 1 tot 2 uur).

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