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  • Jyoti Nagchampa India wierook 20 lange stokjes Jyoti Nagchampa India wierook 20 lange stokjes

Lakshmi Nagchampa 20 lange stokjes


Hansa Nagchampa 20 lange stokjes

Jyoti Nagchampa 20 lange stokjes

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Jyoti Nagchampa – Licht (spreek uit Djotie)
Jyoti Nagchampa is een klassieke geur gebaseerd op de warme, zoete, vanilleachtige geur van Benzoin, hét sleutelingrediënt van oude wierook. De rijke balsam en hars noten van Benzoin, tezamen met de muskachtige noten van Mirre, Vetiver en Patchouli zijn afgerond met de Kewda bloemen.

Mike Mclatchey (wierookrecensent) van Olfactory Rescue schrijft:

"Jyoti Nagchampa has some similarities to the cinnamon heavy Amrita, but here the scent is less monochromatic and more of a tangier multi-spice blend. In fact, it seems likely some of its spicier attributes come from the mix of myrrh, vertivert and patchouli, a group of ingredients that all have great transmutational qualities in different blends. In fact any time Mother’s uses a larger amount of resins in its incenses, it seems to trigger the more balsamic and sometimes evergreen qualities of the base. The mix definitely leaves me very curious about the quality of benzoin used in the ingredients as I recognize none of the usual subnotes and a quality that is truly exquisite. Again this mosaic (which also pulls in kewra to a slight degree) really hits a great balance with a vanilla and spice presence that is just perfect."

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- 20 lange stokjes (brandduur 1 tot 2 uur).

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